Ride like a Viking: Explore a Norwegian Fjord on a Velorbis E-bike

Spring has arrived in Stavanger, Norway – but I would just like to share my recent winter amazing bike ride with you:Two weeks ago, when the Sibirian cold winds still kept us Norwegians inside our homes, only leaving it for walking our dogs, I decided to visit my aunt in Sandnes. On a Velorbis e-bike.

A 35 kilometers (22 miles) bike ride, back and forth, on a sunny minus 6 degrees Celcius day and on a Kopenhagen Fusion e-bike, let’s go!

Starting point: Breiavatnet in Stavanger centrum. Ps. Gloves on after only 20 seconds.

This is luxury to me: To be able to bicycle so closely to the sea. The fjord is named Gandsfjorden, and there’s a nice bike path alongside the sea almost to my final destination Sandnes.

Euphoria hits me and endorphins take over my winter body. I feel so happy! And although it’s an e-bike, I do an effort myself and within a few miles my body feels nice and warm.

Passing pedestrians, I greet them with a big “have a nice day” – in Norwegian, ha en fin dag, and get smiles and greetings in return.

Oh, hey there, what’s with the snow all of a sudden? My bike path has turned into a cross country path, and I start preparing my escape and finding the main road.

However, bicycling on the firm snow works well, so I continue on the bike path. My Fusion tires cooperate, in combination with sometimes turning off the engine in order for me to have more control over the bike.

Bottom line a beautiful trip – to be recommended, also in warmer weathers 😀

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About the author

Norwegian born Anne-Grete Pettersen aka “a-g” is the market manager of Velorbis Norway – and a Velorbis lifestyle and bicycle enthusiast.

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