Probably the world’s most stylish electric bicycle

Are you cycling long distances, and would you like to have tailwinds on the bike path – also in headwinds? Electric bicycles are more popular than ever and are increasingly rolling onto the German cycle paths. The electric bike is an ingenious means of transport that can easily compete with the car if you have less than 40 km to work. At the same time, you can boast of having a strong focus on sustainability, and that you do the environment a favor day by day! But an electric bike easily gets a slightly clumsy or heavy look due to the large motor and the heavy battery fitted on the bike. At Velorbis, we, therefore, set ourselves the task of creating a beautiful and stylish electric bike. The result was that all our beautifully designed bikes now come in a version where the engine and the battery are integrated in a safe, elegant, and discreet way. Instead of creating a completely new set of electric bikes, we have used the latest technology and an advanced electronic riding system, which blends in well with the rest of the design. The German-produced Pendix electric bicycle system is our new electric bicycle eDrive. It looks classic and streamlined and is a very important feature so it can be retrofitted to your used Velorbis bike. The Pendix electrical system consists of a center motor and you can choose between 2 different battery sizes 300wh and 500wh. The battery is discreetly placed in the middle of the bike in a stylish foil wrap of your choice, and thus becomes an almost invisible and integral part of the exclusive retro look from Velorbis. See our selection of electric bikes with Pendix eDrive systems here

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