Balloon Tire Bicycles

Sadly not every road surface is as smooth as silk: often we find ourselves on uneven terrain, be it street cobbles or rocky country trails.  If the way ahead is bumpy but you want to still zoom around in perfect comfort then maybe a Velorbis balloon bike is the perfect option for you.  They not only give you an easy and bouncy ride, they have the dashing good looks you would expect from great Danish design and  some classic retro styling.  Equipped with iconic tires that are wider than normal and therefore much more resilient to lumps and bumps in the road, the balloon bikes have become a much admired sight on many urban streets – very often ridden by someone with a big smile on their face.

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Choose your own cycle style, cycle colour and cycle accessories

We make sure all the components of your balloon bike are of the very best quality but its up to you how you put it all together.  As every bike is made to order, from the very beginning you can specify the frame, the forks, the chain guards, saddles, handlebars and everything else that goes together to make the bike perfect for you.  The final individual touch of course is the colour where you have a mind-blowing 200 plus shades to choose from, including metallics like gold, chrome and copper that will give your balloon bike a truly special look.  The end result will for sure turn heads.

Quality that really counts

At Velorbis we believe in doing things as well as we possibly can so you get the very best quality.  Unlike most companies, we don’t mass produce in the Far East but rather stay local and use traditional bike craftsmanship in Germany where each frame is hand assembled using sockets and soldering.  The resultant sleeve-mounted frames not only make your bike super strong and durable but also are an intrinsic part of the vintage look that makes our cycles so special.  And because our bikes last up to 15 years, we don’t contribute to landfill like cheap versions that last not even half that time.

Retro styling with modern efficiency

We make sure that we mix old craft traditions with the advantages of modern technology.  Original balloon bikes were created to cope with bad weather and were heavy, ungainly and not easy to ride.  Now however, by using up-to-date techniques and materials, the cycles are just the opposite and you can fly around the city on 60mm wide tires without a care in the world!