Classic Bicycles

Classic Danish designer cycles with German quality

If you’re looking for an elegant classic bike with excellent quality, great craftsmanship and stylish design, then you’ve come to the right place.  Hand built in Germany to the very highest standards, the Copenhagen Classic is the perfect retro-styled answer to city cycling!

Copenhagen ranks as possibly the best cycling city in the world.  This bike is inspired by our beloved capital with its wide cycle paths, its thousands of residents who use bikes for their daily commute and its famous sense of style.  Our classic bikes represent the best in Danish design, urban cool and quality craftsmanship – just what you’d expect from Velorbis.

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Design Your Dream Bike!

Your bike is your trusty companion every day so should reflect your personality.  At Velorbis you can customise everything and create your very own dream bike.  Choose the frame, front fork, fenders, chain guard, tires, handles and saddle to be just what you want and what suits your lifestyle.  Pick any one of over 200 different colours to really be individual and then add whatever accessories you might need – from lights and locks to baskets and luggage carriers.   You can even add an electric motor to help you on your way!

Comfort is key.  Our classic bikes are ergonomically designed with an extra long 30cm handlebar stem that gives you that instantly recognisable Scandi ‘sit up and beg’ riding position that is both good for your back and shoulders and also gives you a much better vantage point to see the world around you and navigate through busy streets.  Slightly wider tyres and extra suspension also give you an easier ride – especially when the cycle path gives way to a cobbled street or country path.  And you don’t want to dirty your outfit if the streets are wet so think about a leather splash guard at the front to make sure you arrive in style.  Classic bikes are also the most popular as company bikes as you can customise with your own logo and choose colours that match your branding.

Craftsmanship and Sustainability in our bicycle production

Velorbis are one of the few remaining bike manufacturers still hand-building their frames in Europe rather than mass producing them in the Far East and this craftsmanship is central to our philosophy.  In our factories in Germany, each frame is ‘sleeve assembled’ in the traditional way where sleeves and pipes are soldered together to make a frame that is strong and durable.  It also gives that charming vintage look to the bikes.  The process requires care, precision, concentration and a lot of experience.  It’s not something you can rush but it means that the bike is made with skill and love.

Producing our bikes in Europe also has beneficial environmental effects as keeping it local means much shorter transportation distances and much lower CO2 emissions.  So you can cycle with a clear conscience!

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