Vintage Road Racer Bicycles

How fast do YOU want to go?!  Some people live life in the fast lane and want a bike to match but speed doesn’t have to be at the expense of style.  Velorbis’ Vintage Racer, available in both mens and womens models, proves that you can be the one in front both in terms of speed and in good looks.  With its retro detailing and superb quality, the bike has all the performance enhancers you would expect – from ultra-thin tyres to racing handlebars and ultra-efficient gear system – combined with the Danish design that lifts you up above the rest of the pack.

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Design your own stylish racer cycle

You might be shooting past in a blur but it’s important that your bike is the right colour!  At Velorbis we make every bike to order so from the very beginning you can choose all the elements yourself.  Stand out from the crowd by choosing from one of over 200 different shades – including new metallic chrome and copper – so that your racer is as individual as you are.  Then select tires – from black, cream or brown – and saddle (maybe a leather one from Brooks or a super comfortable fabric covered option?)  And if your legs sometimes need a bit of help but you still want to go fast, you can even add an electric motor with discrete battery (we promise won’t tell anyone).  You can even customise with a company logo on an integrated bill board!

Danish bicycle design and modern technology

The Velorbis racer of course has the retro good looks synonymous with classic Danish design but it isn’t only the world’s most handsome bike – it is great to ride as well.  The ultra-fine frame and tires mean the bike is extremely light in weight so you can soon pick up speed.  And all the accessories combine style with performance too – for example the Shimano 8 external gears are cutting edge but work with classic gear shifters in metal that retain a sense of sophistication and style.

Bikes hand-built in Germany with respect for the world

Velorbis holds cult status on Danish cycle paths – whether you are a speed freak or just a daily commuter.  All our bikes are hand made in in Germany so no worries about poor workers conditions or long, carbon-consuming transportation from the Far East – we keep it local and know every factory we work with.

Each frame is made in the traditional way using the sleeve soldering method which ensures top quality, great strength and also a much loved vintage appearance.  The process takes time, patience and a great deal of skill but it pays off – the end result is a bike that is as much a symbol of excellence as it is of speed.   Now it’s over to you and your determination to work as a team with your bike and be the very best!