Boys Bicycles

A boy’s bike is something really special.  Not only is it a means to go to and from school, football practice and friends’ houses, it’s also a trusty companion – something that is part of the adventures of childhood with cycle rides at the weekend and fun with pals.  It has to be really good quality – after all, boy’s aren’t always known for their gentle behaviour so a bike has to take a few knocks and scrapes along the way and still be able to function.  And of course it’s also cool if the bike raises a few admiring glances from the other kids on the block too!  With a Velorbis boys cycle, you are sure to have all of this and more.

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Create a Dream Bike!

Make your boys bike really stand out from the crowd.  Use our Design your Bike tool and do just that – create your very own dream bike to your exact specifications!  Start with the frame size – 20 or 24 inches depending on height and age – and then have some fun with the colours.  We have a mind-boggling 200 plus colours to choose from so you are sure to find just what you want.  You can go for a uniform colour or you can mix and match different parts such as main frame, front forks and chain guard to really make something eye-catching.  Then select the saddle (leather or gel) and accessories like lights, bells and mudguards.  Finally, pimp your ride with a luggage rack, tray or basket depending on what you need to carry around on a day to day basis.

Danish Design, European Quality

All our boys bikes – like their adult counterparts – are handmade to order in our factories in Germany.  Each one is made by the traditional method called sleeve-assembly that involves precision, time, patience and skill by craftsmen who have been trained for years.  This leads to frames that look great – they have the covetable vintage look that makes Velorbis so cool – but that are also very strong and durable.  Even with the occasional mishaps and spills that are to be expected with a boys bike, you can expect a life span up to 3 times longer than the usual 5 years of a cheaper mass produced one.  This makes the bikes a good investment and also a more sustainable option as when the bike is grown out of, it can be passed down to a younger sibling or neighbour.

Open the design tool now and start creating your very own dream boys bike!