Children's bikes

All of us remember our very first bike.  The thrill of learning to ride, the feeling of freedom and independence, the fun of being outside – they are etched onto our memories forever.  Cycle riding can help with developing a child’s motor skills but also the shared experience of bike rides with friends is a big part of growing up so it is important that you choose the cycle carefully.  It needs to be safe, durable (children can be quite rough on their things!) and appealing – colour can be everything when you are young!

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Design a bike especially for your child

We don’t offer cookie-cutter options at Velorbis.  Each bike is made to order so you can specify exactly what you want and need from the very start.  Use our easy Design Your Bike tool on the website and let your child be part of the creative process, together choosing everything from saddle, tires, gears and – most importantly – the colour!  There are almost no limits here – not just a single pink or green or blue but over 200 different shades including new metallic gold, chrome and copper.  No chance of your child’s bike being mistaken for another in the school yard – it will be totally individual.

To cater for all ages and locations, our children’s bikes are available in a choice of 1, 3 or 7 gears (the latter coming with either freewheeling 2 hand brakes or a pedal brake).

German component quality to the smallest detail

Safety and therefore quality are paramount in a child’s bike.  Each one is hand crafted in Germany using carefully selected materials and constructed with ultimate care so you can trust in the strength and reliability of the frame.  We deliberately chose the best factories we could find where skill and precision are regarded more highly than speed.  The particular sleeve construction used by the family-owned manufacturers ensures a very strong frame that is also lightweight – a perfect combination for a child’s bike.

The sustainable bike choice for your child

When they grow up, our children will inherit our world so an environmentally aware choice of bike is paramount.  With local production and high quality materials, Velorbis ensures this.  We avoid long distance transportation that adds to a products carbon footprint and the durability of our bikes means they last up to 15 years – plenty of time to be passed on to little brother, sister, cousin or neighbor.  And if the rough and tumble of a child’s life damages it at all, we can replace individual parts and repair rather than consigning the whole bike to the rubbish tip.

Your children deserve the best.  Design them a Velorbis bike!