Classic E-Bikes

Copenhagen is surely one of the world’s most cycle-friendly cities in the world and our classic ebikes were inspired by our love for our hometown.  Here the streets are filled every day with people who use ebikes not only for recreation but also as a practical, stylish and sustainable way to get around.  And just because you want to enjoy the advantages of an electric bike doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the elegant and timeless beauty of classic Danish design.  The Velorbis ELECHIC bikes retain the distinctive Scandinavian upright seating position, their hand crafted frames and their charming retro details – they just have the addition of a bit of top notch German technology in the form of a Pendix electrical system.  Same good looks but with an extra bit of oomph that will make you the envy of all those stuck in traffic jams on the morning commute.

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Design your own dream ebike

They may be classic but they don’t have to be boring!  Velorbis makes every ebike to order so you can reflect your own individuality in every detail.  Choose from more than 200 different colours so the frame says something about you.  Then select everything from front fork and chain guard to tyres, handlebars and saddle to suit your own requirements.  You can even add a stylish leather splash flap at the front to protect you from puddle splashes.  And if you are going to be spending a lot of time with your ebike, it’s important that its comfortable too.  Our classic ebikes are ergonomically built with an extra long 30 cm handlebar stem that gives you the perfect upright riding position that not only prevents back and neck aches but also makes you sit up tall and see the world around you.  And of course we can’t ride on smooth cycle-paths all the time so the classic ebike’s wider tyres give extra suspension when the road turns bumpy and uneven.

Beautifully crafted and environmentally aware

We believe in keeping things local so all our ebikes are made by hand in Germany by craftsmen who have spent years learning their trade.  The frames are sleeve assembled which means that they are soldered together in a traditional way that not only gives a stronger and more durable structure but also adds to their charming retro style.  The local nature of the work also helps the environment as they are not transported huge distances from the Far East, thereby reducing their CO2 footprint.

It’s no surprise that the classic Velorbis ebikes have found their way into the hearts of Copenhageners and the new electric versions look like they will follow suit.