Gents Bicycles

What makes the perfect men’s bike?  We believe it’s great design and superb quality.  Your bike is not only a trusty means of getting you from A to B, it’s a statement about you – your own individuality, your sense of style and even your attitude towards the environment.  Make sure you make the right impression with a Velorbis bike!

Danish Style with German Quality

We make every Velorbis bike from scratch to order.  This gives you a unique opportunity – to be part of the design process itself.  We have a staggering 200 plus colours to choose from and you can mix and match as you fancy, specifying everything from frame and front fork to chain guard and fender.

Next think about the saddle.  Do you want a traditional Brooks leather one or an ergonomic and super comfortable gel one?  Then, depending on how and where you use your bike, decide if you want 1, 3 or 7 Shimano Nexus gears.  Finally think about your day-to-day usage and what you need to carry with you before choosing the extras like luggage rack, front tray, bell and lights.  And if your commute is on the longer side (or your office is at the top of a hill), you can even opt to have your bike fitted with an electric motor to save your legs a bit of work.

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Sporty or Classic?

It’s important that your bike suits your lifestyle and personality so we offer many different models to make sure you get the perfect match.

Our most popular is the Copenhagen Classic Gents bike.  It’s perfect for getting you to and from work every day but also for weekend jaunts in the country.  The distinctive upright seating position is very Scandinavian and not only is good for your back and shoulders but also allows you to check out the traffic and surroundings.

If you’re an urban guy, then one of our City bikes is maybe the best option for you.  The Arrow Classic Gents is stylish, dependable and easily manoeuvrable – perfect for day to day cycling.  The Arrow Sports Gents is a sportier version that gives you a bit more speed as the handlebars sit close to the front fork making your driving position more bent-over so you can really put your back into the pedalling.  And if you really can’t decide, then look at our Copenhagen Fusion which really does have the best of both worlds!

For those who want something special, check out our racing bikes, our courier bikes or even the amazing balloon bikes that let you almost float around town!

A Stylish Bike Built on Quality and Tradition

As with all Velorbis bikes, our men’s options combine the very best quality with excellent design.  We are one of the very few manufacturers who still build every bike by hand in a factory in Germany with no compromise on the effort or time it takes.  A third generation of craftsmen continues to use the traditional methods – a sleeve-mounted system of construction that creates steel frames that are stronger than others and also which have the covetable vintage appearance that is an integral part of a Velorbis bike.

Another advantage of manufacturing in Germany is that we only ship small distances and so our bikes have a considerably smaller carbon footprint than most.   And another feather in our sustainability hat: our beautifully made bikes last for up to 15 years – way longer than cheaper mass-produced ones.

Use our Design your Bike tool now to create your perfect Men’s Bike