Gents Balloon Tire Bicycles

If only all our rides were along beautiful smooth tarmac bike paths.  Sadly,  in the real world, there are bumps, potholes, cobbles and country paths to contend with and the going is often far from comfortable.  However, Velorbis men’s balloon bikes can be the answer to the rocky roads of life!  These stylish cycles feature eye-catching 60mm extra-wide tyres that not only look cool but give added suspension that lets you almost float through town in the utmost of comfort!  Who said there was no such thing as an easy ride?!

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Make your Balloon Bike your Own!

When it comes to designing your bike, we’ve done the hard part.  Now it’s time for you to have your turn and do the fun stuff!  Every one of our bikes are hand made to order so that means you can join in the creative process and specify all the finishing details.  Start with the colour of the frame, front fork, chain guard and rims.  We have over 200 options so you can have just the right red, the greatest green or the most beautiful blue.  We even have metallics like copper and chrome.  Then decide what saddle you would like.  How many gears?  Battery lamp or dynamo?  What type of carrying equipment suits your lifestyle best – a luggage rack or a front basket or a wooden tray?  Every option can be decided by you using our Design Your Bike tool and then we will get it made exactly as you want and delivered to you within 4 to 6 weeks.  It’s like a bike dream come true!


Quality, Style and Sustainability

Balloon bikes don’t only stand out from the crowd with their retro good looks, they are of the very best quality too.  Velorbis has all its bikes hand made in Germany using the socket-assembly method – something that is skilfully used to create the strongest (and most beautiful) cycle frames.  And quality counts – our bikes last between 10 and 15 years which is more than double the life of cheaper mass-produced options that end up being landfill after 5.  But tradition is also combined with modern technology.  Balloon bikes have been around for decades but were heavy and difficult to manoeuvre.  These days our versions are light and easy and a pleasure to ride.

Having our production based within Europe has other benefits.  Because we have much shorter transportation distances for the finished products – unlike those manufactured in the Far East for example – their carbon footprint is greatly diminished.  So you can glide through town not only with a more comfortable ride but with an easier conscience too.

Discover the options for your balloon bike now with our easy to use Design Your Bike tool.