Gents Classic Bicycles

Do you dream of riding around the city on the perfect cycle?  Stylish, luxurious and very sophisticated, a Velorbis classic men’s bike can make that wish come true.  It’s designed in Denmark and hand-built in Germany to your own specifications making it the ultimate for any urban guy.

Built to Match your own Style

Close your eyes and think of our dream bike!  Is it dark green, soft grey or deep red or maybe a combination of different shades of the same colour?  At Velorbis each bike is made to order so you can be part of the design process.  Use our smart Design your Bike tool and let your imagination run free as you click on all the different things you can specify.  Start with your favourite frame and then add accessories like luggage carriers, handlebars and saddles.  Maybe increase the number of gears and change the tyres?  Then choose from over 200 different colours and make your bike something totally unique.  We can even add an electric motor onto all our classic men’s bikes!

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A Men’s Bike in a League of its Own

Our best-selling mens bike is the Copenhagen Classic and it’s easy to see why.  Named after our own city, it’s stylish and exclusive, hand-built in Germany and oozes an air of Scandinavian cool.  A regular sight on Copenhagen’s many bike paths, it has a seductive retro charm from its distinctive sit-up-and-beg frame and handlebars down to the tiniest luxurious details.

Your bike is your trusty companion as you move around the city so you need to be able to rely on it.  Luckily Velorbis bikes can truly be depended on.  The Schwalpe tyres have puncture protection to minimise flats (and give a very comfortable ride at the same time!).  The sleeve-mounted steel frame makes the bike very robust and the special powder coating prevents scratches and chips caused by day-to-day use and also prevents rust damaging your bike when it’s out in all elements.  Great to know that you can sleep easy, sure that your bike will always be there for you!

Sustainable Production In Europe

Your classic bike not only has great looks and style – it does it’s bit for the planet too!  Riding a bike is already a sustainable method of transport but because each of our Velorbis bikes are hand made in Germany rather than mass produced in the Far East, we only have to ship them a relatively short distance, thus reducing their carbon footprint significantly.  And the traditional sleeve-assembled frames are way stronger than their cheaper rivals meaning the average life of one of our classic bikes is up to three times longer.   Luxury and excellent quality truly are good investments.

Explore our classic men’s cycles and start designing your dream bike now,  then leave it to us to build and deliver it to your door.