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Ask any Copenhagener – the best way to navigate a city is by bike.  No traffic jams, no parking problems, no bus time-tables:  just the freedom to get from A to B as and when you want, all with the added advantages of sustainability and exercise!  For the most stylish and exclusive men’s city bikes, look no further than Velorbis.  We bring Danish design, German quality and a true sense of luxury to your daily bike commute.

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A Men’s City Bike for Everyday Life

What does your lifestyle and location require from your bike?  Do you have a long commute?  Is it hilly or flat?  Do you need to carry much each day?  Do you live in an apartment with many stairs?  All these factors will determine your choice of city bike.

Our Arrow Classic is the best option if you want simplicity and lightness.  Thinner tires make it speedy and the distinctive upright seating position is good for your posture and also gives you a great view of your surroundings as you zip through the city.

Arrow Sport is – as the name suggests! – a more sporty version where the handlebars are located closer to the front fork meaning you are more bent forward when riding giving you an extra bit of weight in your pedalling.  Tyres and fenders are ultra-thin and there is no chain guard so the bike is light and easy to lift up stairs and onto a train or bus.  Both the Arrow models have easy-to-maintain internal gears and puncture-protected tyres.

If you can’t make up your mind, maybe opt for the Fusion bike.  It combines all the best features of the Copenhagen Gents and the Arrow Sport making it a lightweight speedy bike with beautiful retro looks, albeit with a slightly more sporty seating position.

Put your Mark on your Men’s City Bike

At Velorbis every bike is made to your own specifications so you have the opportunity to make it stand out from the crowd.  Use our Design Your Bike tool which is an easy and very visual way for you to make all the right decisions and build up all the details.  Choose the basic model you want and then select one (or more!) colours from a range of over 200.  Decide if you want a leather Brooks saddle or a super-comfortable gel one.  Select hand grips, number of gears, lights, and bells.  Finally think about what you need to take with you during the day – heavy shopping, a briefcase, work tools? – and choose accessories like luggage racks, front baskets and trays.  You can even add a logo plate if you want to advertise your business as you weave through the morning traffic!

High Quality and Respect for the Environment

We aim for perfection both with the design and the manufacture of our Velorbis city bikes and quality is central.  We are one of the very few bike makers who still build our frames in specialist factories in Germany.  There we are assured of the care and skill needed to hand-make a bike and we can continue the traditional method of sleeve-assembly which results in stronger frames that also have the vintage look we love.

Having our production in Europe also significantly shortens the transport routes compared to if we mass-produced in the Far East.  This saves on harmful CO2 emissions which, combined with the much longer life span of a Velorbis bike (up to 15 years) makes our city bikes a sustainable as well as a stylish choice.  You can even go one step further and consider getting rid of your car and upgrading your city bike with an electric motor which makes it a serious alternative even for longer commutes.

Design your perfect city bike now!