Gents Vintage Road Bicycles

Are you a bit of a speed freak on the quiet?  Some guys like to be in front and enjoy the thrill of going that little bit faster than the others, and so if that sounds familiar, maybe a Velorbis racer bike is the one for you.  Not allowing speed to get in the way of style, our retro racers are an extremely sophisticated take on the usual sporty options with form and function coming together perfectly.  Our men’s racer is ergonomic, beautiful to look at and of the very highest quality and will leave the rest in your wake (even if it’s only on the bike path on the commute to work…)

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Design Your Own Racing Bike

Every Velorbis bike is handmade to order in Germany.  This means that right from the very beginning you can choose every element and customise it to fit your exact requirements and dreams.  Starting with the frame, you can ensure admiring glances from all your fellow cyclists as you zoom past by choosing one or more of over 200 colours – including metallic copper and chrome – to make your bike totally unique.  Then decide between a traditional Brooks leather saddle or a super-comfortable fabric one.  The ultra-thin tyres come in a choice of black, cream or brown so see what goes best with your frame colour.  You can even add a company logo plate if you want to advertise your business!  It’s all easy to do using our Design Your Bike tool on the website.

And if you think you might get a bit tired with all this super fast cycling, why not get a little bit of help?  We can attach an electric motor to your racer to give you that extra bit of oomph.

Danish Design, German Quality, Modern Components

The Velorbis men’s racer bike might have a retro appeal but don’t be fooled – its components are as cutting edge and modern as you can get.  The ultra-fine frame and tyres ensure the bike is feather light and up to speed but the hand made German frame is as robust and strong as on any of our bikes.  The 8 external gears are by world leaders Shimano but we like to keep the gear shifters themselves in beautiful traditional metal as some things never go out of style.

Hand Built in Germany with Respect for the Earth

Velorbis men’s racer bikes are not only leaders of the pack in terms of style, they are leaders in quality too.  Each bike is hand made in our factory in Germany where the traditional methods to of sleeve-assembly, with individual sockets and pipes soldered together,  ensures the strongest (and most beautiful) frames.  Each one is made with care, time and skill to ensure a bike that will really perform.  Apart from reliability, this means that our bikes last up to 15 years – way longer than cheap mass-produced versions – which is a strong statement about sustainability.  At the same time, the fact that we produce within Europe means that our racers are transported a relatively short distance compared to those imported from the other side of the world and so have a markedly smaller carbon footprint.

So you want to have the wind in your hair and the rest of the pack behind you?  Check out our men’s racers and build you dream bike.