Girls Bicycles

Every girl deserves her dream bicycle!  Not only is it something that gets her to and from home and school, sports practice or after-school activities, it’s something that adds to her social life, with weekend bike rides with friends being a way to be part of a close knit circle of pals.  And of course it’s even better if your bike is the envy of all the others and raises a few appreciative glances along the way!  Velorbis is the perfect choice for the perfect girls bike – with the quality, style and great looks that will last through many a childhood adventure.

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Build a Girls Bike That Is Just Right For Her

At Velorbis you are totally in control of the end result.  We have done the basic (and very beautiful!) design but the rest is up to you.  Use our Design your Bike tool to work out exactly what your girls bike will look like.  After deciding the frame size (20 or 24 inches depending on height) the fun begins!  We have over 200 options, even including metallics like gold and copper, so you can choose either one monochrome look in her absolute favourite colour or be really creative and make all the component parts in different shades.  The tool allows instant visuals as to how the bike will look so let your imagination run riot and try everything before you decide.  Then you can add all the other details – from saddle and tyres to bells and lights.  Think about what might be carried – school satchel? Musical instrument?  Gym bag? – and choose a luggage rack, basket or tray that is most suitable.  The end result?  Something that is special for your daughter and that will be a trusty companion through her childhood.  A dream come true indeed.

Quality Counts!

However careful your little princess is, there are always scrapes and bumps along the way for a child’s bike.  Luckily Velorbis cycles are made from the very best quality so can take a bit of rough treatment and still be road-worthy and safe.  Each bike is handmade in our factory in Germany where craftsmen with years of experience work use the traditional sleeve assembly method of construction which produces not only better looking bikes (it has the vintage look that we love so much!) but also light-weight and super strong frames that are perfect for a girls bike.

The quality makes Velorbis a sustainable option too.  You can expect our bikes to last up to 3 times longer than a cheaper mass produced alternatives which means that the bike can be passed down to a younger sister or cousin if it is outgrown at any point.  It also can be repaired along the way if there are any accidents or breakages – just drop in at any of our stores or call us and we can sort it out.

Design your very own girls bike now!