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Sometimes even the best of us would like a helping hand.  If you’re facing a strong headwind, in a bit of a hurry, or even just a tired from the night before it’s good to have a little something extra than just leg power.  Welcome to the electric bike, the ingenious and practical way of traveling that still keeps you fit but which offers a serious alternative to the car on commutes of less than  50km whilst adding to your green credentials at the same time.  Increasingly popular in Danish bike lanes, the electric bike could well be the future of personal urban travel.

Sadly though, the technology of an electric bike often comes at the expense of beauty, with clumsy heavy frames and bulky batteries giving them an unwieldy and unattractive appearance.  Not so at Velorbis.  Bringing together both our trademark Danish sense of style and cutting edge German technical innovation, our electric bikes are as classic and streamlined as everything else we make.  A Velorbis electrical system becomes part of our existing design rather than dictating a whole new one with a discrete battery situated at the centre of the cargo in a way that makes it seems entirely integral – a cost-effective and sustainable way of upgrading without replacing!

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Design It Yourself!

If you use your cargo every day, then it should reflect your personality and fit your requirements!  Velorbis is the only e-bike supplier that custom-makes electric bikes to your very own specifications.  Firstly, please choose one of our 14 different models that can be adapted to electricity.  Then, express your creative side by selecting the color (we have a dazzling choice of over 200 shades!) and customize the bike with the accessories you need.  If you are a company that wants your logo added to the bike, we can do that, too!  Finally, we add the Velorbis motor and whatever size battery you think you might require.  Bingo!  You have your very own electric bike, exactly the way you want it.

Sustainable Production in Europe

By cycling, you are already doing your bit to make the world a greener and healthier place.  But choosing a Velorbis e-bike means so much more for the environment.  All our lightweight steel frames are hand-made in Europe – sadly quite a rarity these days – so there is no long-distance transport from the other side of the world.  Each frame is socket-assembled and soldered together – a process that requires a steady hand and a great deal of expert craftsmanship.  It’s the opposite of mass production and something that respects tradition and skill. We also keep plastic out of our production, sticking only to the very best materials.  And because the quality is so high, you can expect a Velorbis e-bike to last for 10 to 15 years – up to three times the life of a cheap frame from the Far East.  So less waste, less landfill, less harm to the earth.