Cargo E-Bikes

Make dashing deliveries!  If you need to transport things to customers around the city, do it with a bit of classic Danish style using one of Velorbis’ beautiful cargo ebikes.  Part of the Copenhagen city scene for nearly a hundred years, this iconic design has been lovingly reproduced and hand-made in Germany and combines retro good looks with absolute practicality.  However tradition should not get in the way of progress: welcome to the new electric cargo bike!  It still oozes the same style and personality but gives the hard-working rider just that little bit of extra power with a Pendix battery system discretely packed away.  Heritage, quality and innovation all in one – it is the epitome of Scandinavian design.

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Design it yourself!

Every ebike we make at Velorbis is hand made to order.  This gives you the unique opportunity to create an ebike that is just right for you and your specific needs.  Whether you are a craftsman or photographer who needs to transport his work equipment from job to job or a restaurant or small business who delivers food or parcels to customers, then we can make a ebike that is right for you.  You can choose every detail – from frame, forks and handlebars to saddles, lights and bells – and with a selection of over 200 colours you can make your ebike match your company branding.  We also offer custom signage so the cycle can have your logo on it, making it a travelling billboard as you zoom around town!

Making light work of heavy things

The ever-popular ‘Short John’ ebike is basically a truck with two wheels!  Originally created for industrial use, it has an impressive load capacity of up to 100 kg.  That’s a lot of pizzas or packages!  The retro design doesn’t just look good either – the frame, with the extra long 30cm handlebar stem, has been ergonomically developed to ensure a comfortable seating position that allows long trips with minimal back and shoulder ache.  And the electric motor gives a welcome helping hand when legs start getting tired.

Danish Design and the best in German quality

Arriving at work or delivering goods by ebike already sends out a positive environmental message but with Velorbis you are also safe in the knowledge that your ebike was ethically produced and has a smaller carbon footprint than one that was transported across the globe.  All our ebikes are hand made in Germany so we keep it local.  Our factories use a traditional method of assembly that involves a great deal of skill, patience and time.  We think you can see that not only in the quality but in the vintage appearance of each and every frame.  The love and effort put into production has long term benefits too:  Velorbis ebikes last up to 15 years, more than double that of a cheap mass produced bike.

Reliability, quality and style, all in one package:  a Velorbis delivery ebike says a lot about you.