Women's Bikes

Stylish, sophisticated and of the very best quality: just what you’d expect from every Velorbis bike and our women’s cycles are no exception. Used by urban commuters and everyday cyclists, our bikes are a regular sight on the streets of Copenhagen where women have long realised the independence and practicality a cool bike affords.  Why not join them now?!

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Make your women’s bike your very own

At Velorbis we aim to make your dreams come true!  (Well, the bike related ones anyway…)  Here you can design your bike to your very own specifications.  You can start with the frame then decide exactly what saddle and handlebars you want. You can have 1, 3 or 7 Shimano gears – you choose!  You might have a job that requires you to carry a lot of stuff or you might use your bike for shopping or going to the gym so add the luggage carrier or basket that suits your lifestyle best.  Then the real fun starts when you decide the colour you want!  There are over 200 shades that can be mixed and matched.  Fancy a saffron yellow frame with a cherry red chain guard?  No problem.  Your wish is our command.

A cycle model to meet your needs

Your bike must match your style and your needs.  We offer many different kinds of women’s bikes – all of them superb quality down to the very last detail.

The Copenhagen classic is our most popular: not surprising as its timeless Danish design is perfectly suited to urban travel with an upright riding position that gives both a comfortable ride but also one that allows you to safely see all around you as you navigate the busy city streets.

If you are a bit of a speed freak and want something more sporty then our Arrow Sport might be just the thing for you.  The handlebars are placed close to the front fork so that your sitting position is more forward-leaning, giving you a little more power.  The Arrow Classic has standard handlebars so is more traditional but it has a lighter frame making it nippy and easy to manoeuvre.  Our Fusion bike is our latest city bike that combines the best features of the Arrow Sport with the Copenhagen Classic.

Some women are born leaders and maybe for them the Velorbis Vintage Racer is the best option.  Its retro styling makes you stand out from the crowd and the racing handlebars and ultra-thin frame and wheels will allow you to leave the rest in your wake.  If on the other hand you’re all about comfort and laid-back style then you are probably the customer for our Balloon bikes with their wide tyres that let you almost float above the city cobbles.

European production is better for the world!

All our women’s bikes are made in our factory in Germany where traditional methods of manufacture ensure the strongest and best quality frames that have a lifespan of up to 15 years..  Hand made with precision, care and patience, our bikes also have a much lower carbon footprint than their cheaper mass produced rivals that have to be transported many thousand miles from the Far East.

A sustainable alternative to the car

Commuting to work on a bike suddenly got much easier!  Most of our women’s bikes have the option of being electric by adding a battery powered motor, giving you that extra bit of power first thing in the morning and thus offering a very real alternative to a car.  No more traffic jams, parking costs and petrol fumes – just hop on your bike and off you go.  As with all our bikes, practicality is never at the expense of good looks: the battery pack is integrated into the middle of the bike in an almost invisible way in a foil wrap that matches the bike.  Modern technology in a retro style – that’s the Velorbis way!