Women’s Delivery Bikes

Of course your bike can be your trusty means of doing the daily commute or to get around the city and a fun way to keep fit and healthy at the weekends but for many it is also a work tool, used to transport or deliver things from one place to another.  For this you need a bike that is comfortable, easy to ride, reliable and with the means to carry what needs carrying.  Look no further!  Velorbis has a range of women’s delivery bikes that will match your needs exactly – and in the most eye-catching and stylish way to boot!  Based on cargo cycles that have been a feature of the Copenhagen cityscape for the past hundred years, our bikes have a retro charm but with totally modern technology and know-how that make them the perfect (and environmentally responsible) way to do business.

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Cargo bike Design to Work for You!

Every Velorbis cargo bike is built especially to order – a fact that makes them a natural choice as a customised delivery bike.  Not only can you specify frame, saddle, gears and handlebars to suit your needs but we also have a range of luggage racks, baskets and holders giving you the option to choose just the right thing for whatever you have to transport, whether it is parcels, flowers, workers tools or pizzas.  You can even be kinder to your legs and have an electric motor added!

Chances are, your company has a specific name and unique branding.  With over 200 different paint shades to select from, you are sure to find one that matches your company colour.  We also have different signs that can be attached either centrally or over the back wheel which can be printed with your name and logo making your cargo bike a travelling billboard as it zips around town.

Quality and Sustainability Give a Great Impression 

A Velorbis women’s delivery bike is not only a practical and a stylish choice, it also says a lot about you and your company.  It says that you value quality and that you understand the need to be kind to the environment.

Each one of our cargo bikes are hand made in Germany.  They are soldered together by craftsman who have spent years learning their trade and know that precision, patience and skill lead to a strong and resilient frame.  If you use your bike for work then reliability is of paramount importance.  With Velorbis you can rest assured that the quality is the very best, that the tyres have puncture protection and that the powder finish on the frame with prevent rusting.  All you have to do is hop on and ride, knowing that we have taken care of the rest.

Arriving by or delivering by bike is in essence an environmentally aware act but the fact that we produce locally rather than in the Far East means our bikes have a much smaller carbon footprint and gives you another reason to be proud.   And as our bikes last up to 15 years – that’s nearly three times the average life of a cheaper mass produced one – then you know that you’re not adding to waste and landfill.

Contact us now to see how we can work together to design your perfect women’s delivery bike!