Women’s Electric Bikes

Fancy going just a little bit faster and getting the wind in your hair?  But without having to break into a sweat or tire yourself out too much?  Velorbis has the perfect solution.  Your beautiful stylish bike can now be offered with an electric motor that gives you an extra bit of oomph whilst still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and get a bit of exercise.  Already becoming a popular choice on the cycle lanes of Denmark – especially amongst those with a longer commute but who don’t want the hassle of traffic jams and expensive parking – our electric bikes combine the cool Velorbis look with cutting edge modern technology.  In the past, a motor meant a heavy cumbersome bike that was ugly and difficult to manoeuvre but our bikes offer that motorised helping hand but not at the expense of style.  Cycling has never been so easy!

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An Electric Bike of Your Own Design

What’s your favorite colour?  With Velorbis you have more than enough choice!  With over 200 to choose from you can get exactly the shade that you want – and even mix and match them on the same bike to make something totally unique.  Just have a play on our Design Your Bike tool on the site and see what you come up with.  At the same time, you can choose whatever frame you want, add your choice of front fork, screens, chain guards, baskets, tires…  the options feel endless!  The end result is an electric bike that exactly fits your very own requirements.

When the basic bike has been assembled, we then add a cutting edge German Pendix centre engine behind the saddle. Then all that is left is to add whatever battery size and capacity you want and attach it discretely in the middle of the bike in a stylish foil wrap, fully integrating it into the overall design. Most people will never notice you are getting a little extra help as you overtake them on the bike lane!

Modern Editions of the Exclusive Classic cycles

They may have modern technology but our women’s electric bikes are still based on the hand built classic frames that are sleeve-assembled in our factories in Germany.  We are one of the only companies that offer retro styling with electric – the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary!  This means that the bikes perform beautifully but also look good – a rarity in the world of electric bikes if we are to be honest!

Sustainably Produced in Europe

We are one of the only remaining bicycle manufactures who hand make all our products in Europe.  When you order your bike, we start building it by hand.  We aim to get it to you within 4 to 6 weeks but we don’t rush it either.  Making a bike frame like this involves time, patience and skill – the opposite of mass production in fact.  The sleeves and pipes are soldered together in steel, a traditional process called socket-assembly that results in something stronger and more durable than any cheap frame.

As we produce only within Europe, we can keep a keen eye on the quality of both workmanship and materials. This means that the average life of our bikes is 10 – 15 years – easily double that of a mass produced one.  Also the fact that they are produced just up the road means that our bikes come with a significantly smaller carbon footprint than those made cheaply on the other side of the world.

Have a play on our design tool and create your own dream electric bike.