London Cycle Chic proclaims Velorbis Studine Balloon the easyrider of bikes


Thanks to our friends at London Cycle Chic for their great review – Velorbis’s easyrider: The Studine Balloon – and for the gorgeous new promotional photo above.

Our Studine Balloon retro ladies bike is a simplified version of our popular Scrap Deluxe top model. It is no less iconic or funky that it’s premium sister. A gents version, Student Balloon, is also available.

London Cycle Chic say “The Studine Balloon is a bike that will make you smile. It’s the latest from Velorbis, the experts in elegant bicycles. What I love about this bike is the mix of old and new. It has the basic design of a classic Dutch bike but with a modern, edgy twist.

There is an undoubtable coolness about this bike, it attracts attention and gets eyed up like a girl in a short skirt. What makes a Velorbis bike so special is the design.”

We love it when people get as excited and as passionate about our bikes as we do.  

Check out the London Cycle Chic review of Velorbis Studine Balloon in full, plus their other exciting blog entries.