Velorbis and Cycling Embassy of Denmark promote bicycling excellence

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Velorbis is proud to be selected by the Cycling Embassy of Denmark as the bicycle brand to represent and promote Danish cycling culture and excellence, and its worldwide benefits.

The Cycling Embassy of Denmark has chosen a comprehensive network of expert members from private companies, local authorities and non-governmental organizations: first class bicycle design (as represented by Velorbis), city planning, cycling promotion, parking facilities and cycling tourism. Velorbis is working with the Embassy and other members to promote and communicate cycling solutions and know-how on a global scale so that other international locations can incorporate happy, healthy cycling cultures into their social infrastructures.

Denmark is known as one of the countries with the most cyclists. International interest has never been as great as now, particularly with the focus on sustainable, carbon conscious travel and healthy lifestyles. It’s also the fastest and easiest way to get around a city.

Here are some quick fire facts about cycling in Copenhagen:
•    9 out of 10 Danes have a bicycle. 
•    The number of cars in the centre of Copenhagen dropped from 319,000 in 2002 to 289,000 in 2008.
•    37% of Copenhagen’s citizens cycle to and from work. The city’s objective is that 50% of its citizens will use a bicycle as their means of transport by 2015.
•    Every Dane cycles 1.1 km on average each day.
•    17% of adult males and 36% of adult females use a bicycle to get to and from work or education.
•    45% of all Danish children cycle to school.
•    Approximately half a million bicycles are sold in Denmark each year.
•    Since 1993, there have been 11 national cycle routes established in Denmark; covering a total of 4,233 km. Regional routes cover 5,874 km. Local routes cover 2,298 km.

Embassy Secretary Lise Bjørg Pedersen says: “The bicycle is the healthy, quick and inexpensive alternative to the car that many countries are seeking. But it takes time and requires know-how to create a cycling culture in a country with few or no cyclists. We have the knowledge and the solutions that are sought, and with the new Cycling Embassy we are ready to export them.”

It’s a fantastic, positive cause that all urban epicentres can benefit from. Find out more about incorporating a chic cycling culture – the Copenhagen way – by visiting the Cycling Embassy of Denmark.