Velorbis available through UK’s Cycle To Work Scheme




Great news! Velorbis bicycles are now available as part of the UK Government’s Cycle To Work Scheme through various leading providers including CycleschemeOn Your Bike (also known as c2w Support) and NHS Direct.

Cycle To Work is a government initiative and excellent tax-free scheme designed to get employees cycling to work, thus reducing dependency on cars. Employers can purchase bicycles for their employees at a discounted rate and reclaim the tax (VAT). The cost of each bicycle is deducted from employees’ pay via a salary sacrifice scheme. 

UK employers can now ensure that their employees enjoy a wonderful cycling experience and adopt some cycle chic – Copenhagen style – into their daily commute with the impeccable design and comfort of a Velorbis designer bicycle

It’s the perfect way to create a healthier, happier, stress-free and more motivated workforce – a fantastically successful green transport scheme that can be adopted by countries worldwide.

See your nearest Velorbis UK dealer to find out how to get a Velorbis bicycle as part of your company’s Cycle To Work Scheme (UK only).