Velorbis bicycles at Hotel D’Angleterre

Today 10 “Rental” bicycles by Velorbis was driven to one of the most upscale Hotels in Denmark, Hotel D’Angleterre. The hotel is situated in the heart of Copenhagen at Kongens Nytorv. The location of the Hotel D’Angleterre gives tourists a great opportunity to go sightseeing in Copenhagen at a Velorbis bicycle. It’s an easy, comfortable and fashionable way to do sightseeing and to explore all the wonders that Copenhagen has to offers. 


rental bikes hotel D'Angleterre

The “Rental” bicycles by Velorbis

The Hotel D’Angleterre is a well known five star hotel and is situated close to sights such as Amalienborg and Nyhavn and is also situated near fashionable shops and restaurants. The “Rental” bicycle by Velorbis is an easy way to transport yourself and it’s a perfect means of transportation to experience the Danish culture, design, shopping and dining.  

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