Velorbis does the Locomotion with MINI





We are delighted to see that one of our Velorbis bicycles has been chosen as the top prize in MINI’s latest competition: the MINI SpaceLocomotion! design competition.

MINI Space is an urban initiative by MINI – the famous car brand that is as iconic today as it was in the 1950s – celebrating the creative use of space. MINI Space is a hub for connecting like-minded creative people, through projects, competitions, events and parties.

With its latest movement-themed competition Locomotion!, “MINI Spacers” are invited to capture images expressing movement, taking inspiration from their surroundings (photos, illustrations, or graphic designs).

Velorbis owners embrace the same attitude for life. They are always on the move, taking inspiration from the sights and sounds of their surroundings, and seeing the beauty in the urban landscape as they leisurely cruise, or whizz, by. The only difference is that Velorbis owners do so from the vantage point of two chic wheels, whereas MINI Spacers do so from four chic wheels.

Find out more about MINI Space’s exciting Locomotion! design competition and the chance to win a Velorbis bicycle. The competition deadline is Thursday, 17th March 2011.