Velorbis interview in The Independent on Sunday Magazine’s Copenhagen feature

Check out this inspiring article in The Independent on Sunday Magazine by Robin Barton on 18th October 2009. “On your bike: What the world can learn about cycling from Copenhagen”, talks about how Copenhagen is bursting with eco-friendly solutions that the world’s leaders would benefit from taking a closer look at when they arrive in the city for COP15, the UN’s Climate Change Conference in December. 

Whilst in Copenhagen the journalist, Robin Barton, stopped by the Velorbis flagship store for a visit and an interview with Velorbisfounding partner Ken Bødiker.  Robin writes the following about Velorbis

”Surprisingly, for a city with as many bicycles as people, Copenhagen’s most fashionable bike company began life in London.  He’d noticed that his native Copenhagen had something to export to London: a culture of urban cycling. Three years later and Bødiker has opened a flagship store in sedate Frederiksberg and exports his German-made town bikes to the UK, US and Australia. 

He lends me a Scrap Deluxe, a pepped-up, Dutch-style model with lights, mudguards, a rack and kickstand that counts Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers among its owners, and I set off to discover how Copenhagen is offering a vision of the 21st-century city.

The article also talks about urban sustainability in various areas of the city and Copenhagen cycling culture in general. Read The Independent on Sunday article in full.