Velorbis Student Balloon voted pick of the bunch by Bicycle Buyer

Check out this excellent review of our fabulously funky Student Balloon gents bike in the February-March issue of The Bicycle Buyer magazineon page 2.

The Bicycle Buyer is a leading UK consumer publication that offers readers a smart, inspirational guide for buying bicycles. The article “Styles for Miles” features in-depth reviews and comparative test rides of classic bikes available in the UK: 

“And while they’ve been a holiday snap friendly feature of Dutch and Scandinavian society for decades they’ve been slow to catch on here in Britain, with possibly the notable exceptions of Oxford and Cambridge. But things are changing, discerning ladies and gents are starting to snap up these beautiful bikes, which they can gently spin around town with the minimum amount of fuss and still in their glad rags.”

In the round up at the end (page 8), we’re pleased to say that Student Balloon is voted pick of the bunch.

It’s great to see that the UK’s love affair with chic cycling culture and vintage style bicycles is blooming.

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