“Ride in Style” -Velorbis was born from the hunt for a top quality classic style urban bicycle with a stylish and iconic design aesthetic that reflected the elements of worldrenowned Danish design, and cool Copenhagen cycling culture. The founders of the company Christian Linde & Kenneth Bødiker couldn’t find what they were looking for in the bicycle industry so they decided to design their own urban commuter. Today Velorbis continues to improve its design of classic style urban bicycles and other lifestyle products after studying stylish male and female Copenhagen cyclists for a number of years, listening to their issues and needs. Velorbis supports global urban sustainability and green transportation initiatives and its aim is to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a stylish two-wheeled approach.

OUR NAME – The word VELORBIS is a Registered Trademark under EU law and is composed from the words “VELO” which means “Bicycle” in several European languages and the word “ORBIS” which is the word for “Rotation or Motion” in Latin. A simple fact to remember; when pronouncing our name just place the emphasis on the “O”!

OUR LION CREST – It is the same with our Velorbis lion crest logo as it is with our bicycles – we have a passion for excellence – reflected in everything that we do. The crest incorporates significant details. The 2 lions symbolise the two founders of Velorbis, who both have Leo as their star signs. The Crown symbolises the fact that the founders both originate from the Kingdoms of Denmark and Sweden.

At Velorbis we wish to be majestic in everything we do and as such, we have designed our bicycles to be ultra posture-friendly with a relaxed riding position to give a majestic vantage point from which to monitor the traffic and view the surroundings.

We believe it when we say; Velorbis – Ride in Style.


We want to inspire people to incorporate cycling as part of a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. The uniquely integrated Danish cycling culture, where people see cycling as a fashionable, practical and convenient means of transportation, is the foundation for our mission.

At VELORBIS we focus on designing and fusing stylish and high-quality classic bicycles with practical contemporary components, to support the urban lifestyle of modern commuters. Passion for excellence is what drives us and this is reflected in everything we do. Our vision is to contribute to a greener and healthier environment for all of us, by making the classic style of bicycle the preferred choice of transportation for style-conscious urban commuters. It’s time for a change.

Denmark is renowned for its great design with superior attention to detail, particularly when it comes to product design and quality. We are proud to say that our entire range of traditional upright style bicycles are designed by our creative design team in Copenhagen-
gen, Denmark, recognized as the cycling capital of the world with a unique cycle heritage. At VELORBIS we value simplicity combined with streamlined, elegant design. You will find neither stickers nor plastic components on a VELORBIS bicycle, only the distinctive, embossed lion crest crafted from chromed aluminum reveals that you are the proud owner of a VELORBIS bicycle. We are true to our values when we say, “It’s amazing, it’s fantastic – not a single piece of plastic.”

Our German production site, and a flexible and market-leading supplier base, enables us to offer ‘best in class’ bicycles that are nothing less than the highest quality on the market today. We use premium components sourced in Europe such as Sturmey Archer (front hubs), Schwalbe (tires), BOMI (rear carriers). BRAT (Chain covers) and Spanninga (lights). All of our low-maintenance, upright comfort bicycles are specially built to resist the tough Scandinavian weather where snow, frost, and salt constantly threaten to attack every component of the bicycle. Manufacturing our traditionally lugged and brazed handmade frames at our German factory, enables us to reduce lead times and gives us added flexibility to constantly monitor and optimize our quality control process.

When you purchase a Velorbis bicycle you will get a warranty certificate with details about your bicycle in your very own exclusive leather folder.