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The very best bikes in EU – designed in Denmark, hand built in Germany.
Are you one of those lucky enough to cycle every day or at least a few times of the week?  If so you already realise the importance of a bike that not only looks good but that also is reliable, long- lasting and caters to your every need.  For the very best in all of these characteristics, search no further than here:  we specialise in cycles with superlative performance to match their good looks.  Catering to people who understand both quality and style, Velorbis is truly the connoisseur’s choice.

If you want to talk about bikes being part of your everyday life, talk to a Dane.  Copenhagen is probably the most bike-friendly capital city in the world and there is nothing we don’t know about our trusty two-wheeled companions.  So, when buying a cycle, it makes sense to turn to real experts.  We understand the need for comfort, practicality, good quality and – of course – a little bit of Scandinavian style too.  From our classic city bikes with their cool retro vibe to the bouncy balloon tyre models, and from the sporty racers to perhaps even an electric bike, you will find something to fit your lifestyle.  And if you want to know if that beautiful bike you just saw is from Velorbis…  just look at the smile on the rider’s face.  That’s another satisfied customer!

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Not your average bike supplier

Your relationship with Velorbis doesn’t end when you receive your bike and set off on your first ride.  We pride ourselves in the quality of what we offer and we want you to get the most out of it every day so we believe that the bike supplier (that’s us!) should be as reliable as the bike.  We are known for going the extra mile for our customers and always being there to answer questions and help out along the long life of our cycles.  If you live nearby, our door is always open for you to call in for a coffee and let us know how you and your bike are getting along.  We love personal service and we love the idea that you invest not only in a bike but in our support and friendship.  (Most of our customers agree too – we currently have a score of 9.1 on Trustpilot for quality, design and personal service!)

Design your dream bike

We all have different requirements and different dreams about what our bike should be like, so why compromise with a cookie-cutter solution?  At Velorbis, every bike is custom-made to your own particular specifications.  Start with the frame.  How do you want to sit?  Do you want to take in the world as you pedal or do you want to get your nose to the handlebars and pick up some speed?  Do you have classic good taste or fancy something a little sportier?  Then pick a colour – ANY colour!  (Or almost any colour – we have a staggering 200 plus options that you can choose from).  Finally think about accessories.  How much do you want to carry to and from work?  Do you deliver stuff?  Do you want a chain guard?  What sort of saddle?  It’s all up to you.  You can spend hours playing with our Design Your Bicycle feature on our website until you get something that is just perfect for you.  After all – you are going to be close friends for a long time…

Green for Go!

Your green credentials are already riding high with your decision to cycle rather than drive but at Velorbis you can give yourself an extra pat on the back for doing your bit.  All our bikes are produced locally in Europe saving on long distance transportation and the subsequent CO2 emissions and because good quality lasts longer, your bike won’t end up as land fill for many many years.