Women’s City Bikes

Are you a commuter cyclist?  And do you want to use your bike to get from A to B but in a stylish, dependable and healthy way?  With a women’s city bike from Velorbis you know you will travel in comfort and arrive in style as practicality certainly doesn’t have to mean boring.  We bring together the best quality, the best functionality and superb design on all three of our city bikes.

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Design Your Own Women’s City Bike

We’ve done our bit designing a great bike so now it’s your turn to add the finishing touches and make it all your very own dream cycle.  You can choose not only the frame, forks, saddle and handlebars but also the exact colour and accessories you want.  We have a mind-boggling 200 plus shades to select from – including metallics like chrome and copper – so use our Design Your Bike tool and mix and match as much as your heart desires until you end up with something that totally reflects your own sense of style.  It will make your bike your very favourite daily accessory!

Of course a city bike needs to be practical so choose a luggage or basket option that allows you to carry a briefcase or shopping or whatever you know you need.  And if you have bigger distances to travel, then you can even order your bike with an electric motor that gives you more power when you are flagging a bit.  We still like to keep it stylish though and so the motor is hidden away at the back of the saddle in a nice leather holder and the battery encased in a foil cover that matches the frame.

Classic, Sporty or Both?

At Velorbis we offer three different styles of city bikes – all perfectly designed for urban use.  The Arrow Classic Ladies is a stylish and elegant bike that will have you zipping along the bike lanes at a fair old speed.  It’s beautifully crafted and needs the minimum of maintenance and upkeep, with internal gears that are integrated into the wheel hub and so protected from the elements.  Also puncture protection saves you worrying about flat tyres too much and a chain guard prevents caught trouser legs and oil splashes.

If you are a little more sporty then why not opt for the Arrow Sport Ladies.  It’s a smart, lightweight bike with handlebars a little closer to the front fork so you sit a bit more bent forward giving you a bit more momentum when you pedal.  The tyres are ultra thin so you’ll speed smoothly through the city streets and, should you have to catch a train or if you live in an upstairs apartment, the bike is light enough to pick up and carry.

Can’t decide??  Then maybe the Fusion Ladies is the best option for you.  Bringing together the best of the Copenhagen Classic Ladies and the Arrow Sport Ladies, it offers a lighter version of the traditional model, with thinner tyres and rust protection.

Top Quality City Bikes With a Green Attitude 

Cycling is already a sustainable way of travelling in the city as well as being a convenient and stress free one.  But at Velorbis we feel we should do our part too.  All of our bikes are handmade in Germany meaning that we support traditional work practices that produce bikes that last up to 3 times the life span of a cheap bike.  On top of that, the local nature of the manufacture means that our bikes don’t need to be transported from the other side of the world.  Less waste, smaller carbon footprint, better world for all of us.

Why not start designing your dream city bike now?!