Gents Electric Bicycles

Even the fittest of us can sometimes do with a helping hand.  If you have a longer commute to work or you just want to get there faster, you don’t have to give up your dream of cycling and go back to sitting in traffic jams in a car.  Instead invest in one of our Velorbis electric bikes – the perfect way to cover longer distances, still keep healthy and do your bit for the environment all in one very stylish way!  An increasingly popular way of getting around town, electric bikes used to be heavy and clumsy with an ugly battery pack centre stage.  Not at Velorbis.  Our bikes are exactly the same as the non-electric one but with the addition of a motor, discretely tucked away in a leather bag behind the saddle and the battery encased in a foil cover that matches the frame colour.  Your legs will never stop thanking you!

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The electric motor can be added to any of our frames – even onto one you already own! – so you can have the convenience of a bit of extra oomph but not at the expense of our famous retro styling.  The best selling men’s electric bike is the Copenhagen Classic but the choice is entirely yours!


Use our design tool to plan exactly how you want your new bike to look and function.  As we make every one to order, you can specify the saddles, gears, chain guards and tires.  Then pick one (or more) of our 200 + colour options to make you bike totally individual and unique.  There is a wide range of accessories – from bells and lights to luggage racks and front baskets – that can also be added and coloured as you wish.  It’s like being a magician!  Have a play and see where your imagination takes you.


Our bikes might still retain their exclusive Scandi design but the engine technology is pure 21st century.  At the heart of the bike is a specially designed Pendix eDrive centre motor.  The sensation is exactly the same as normal peddling but with a bit of additional help along the way when you choose.  And the motor is completely silent so only you know…


We made the deliberate choice of only working with factories in Germany that hand build our frames using traditional socket-assembly techniques.  It means we have a close relationship with our suppliers that is build on respect and trust – we know they do an amazing job and we know the product is the best.  But our keenness to work near home has other benefits too:  our transportation distances are a fraction of those involved in shipping mass-produced frames from the other side of the world so our bikes have a significantly smaller carbon footprint.  And because of their very high quality, our bikes last an average of three times that of a cheaper one.  So choosing Velorbis not only says something about your sense of style and love of quality but it shows you care about the environment too.

Start designing your own electric bike now!