Vintage Road E-Bikes

Scream if you wanna go faster!  Some people are born speed-freaks and just love to be the quickest of the bunch.  The Velorbis hand built Racer Ebikes are designed with them in mind.  With their distinctive retro looks, racing handlebars and ultra-thin tyres, the ebikes are perfect for those who want to get their head down and leave the others in their wake.  And if you want just that little bit of help to maintain that super fast velocity, then opt for the electric version where the Pendix battery and motor system gives you that extra power to go the distance.  No need to sacrifice style for speed either – the electric version is as beautiful as the manual one (just a little bit easier on the legs).

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Design your own stylish racer ebike!

Racing ebikes are all about individuality – they need to work almost as an extension of yourself and so need to be adapted and designed with you in mind.  At Velorbis, every ebike is made to order giving you the opportunity to choose everything from saddle to handlebars and front fork to frame size so it custom fits just for you.  And even though you might be speeding past them, you want to look stylish too so choose from over 200 different colours – including chrome and copper metallics! – for the frame and 3 different colours for the tyres.  We are also the only supplier who can add an integrated billboard to your ebike with a company name or logo, should you want to do a bit of advertising as you ride!

German quality, modern components and an eye on the environment

Choosing an iconic Velorbis racer ebike gives you what must stand at pole position as the world’s most beautiful but good looks aren’t everything: the frame is ultra fine and the tires very light weight so nothing is holding you back when it comes to speed. The external 8 gears, with their retro styled metal shifters, are from world leaders Shimano and the batteries use the technologically advanced Pendix system that ensures superlative performance.

The ebikes themselves are hand made by craftsmen in Germany, each one individually made by someone who really knows their business.  Using the traditional socket-assembly method, the frames are soldered together to create a strong and durable structure that can take the most punishing rides.  By keeping our production local to Europe, we know exactly who makes them and can be sure that conditions are good and we also avoid the bad carbon footprint of importing from long distances away.