Classic Women's Bicycles

Some things just ooze quality and style and, for sure, a classic women’s bike from Velorbis is one of them.  They’re actually pretty hard to fault!  The fact that they are made to measure means that they can be tailor-made to suit your lifestyle and personality and can truly become your favorite – and most useful – accessory.

If you want to know about everyday cycling, look no further than Copenhagen.  Our streets are full of women who use their bikes as part of their day-to-day life – as a way of commuting to the office, going to meet friends and even doing the grocery shopping.  So, as Danes, we understand that a bike has to be practical, dependable and comfortable.  But also we know that a little bit of Scandi-style means that it can also be an object of desire and make you proud to use it.  That’s the Velorbis philosophy in a nutshell!

Velorbis classic women’s bikes are the epitome of sophisticated Danish design, great craftsmanship and excellent quality.

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Design your own classic dream bike

Do you prefer elegant neutral shades or bright zingy ones?  Minimalist black or a pop of colour?  Maybe even the glitz of metallic gold or copper?  The choice is yours at Velorbis.  As we make each bike to order, it’s up to you to specify every detail and that includes the colour, where there is a dazzling array of over 200 shades on offer.  Use our Design Your Bike tool on the website and have fun.  Start with the frame and then decide everything from front fork and chain guard to saddle and handlebars.  Mix and match as you please to create something truly special.  You can even add an electric motor to all our classics!

Ride in style on our classic ladies cycles

Do you pick up groceries on your way home?  Or have to carry sports kit to the gym?  Or live near the beach and need to carry a picnic and your swimming gear?  Velorbis have a wide range of luggage racks, front baskets and carriers that will suit your every need.  Choose what will fit in best with your daily life and discover how easy it is to carry stuff around on our classic bikes.  What did you do without it?!

Our classic bikes are also a dream to ride.  Super comfortable with their upright seating position, the frames are light enough that you can easily carry them up and downstairs or onto a train.  Screens on the wheels and chain guards keep you free from oil stains and puddle splashes if the weather isn’t quite perfect so you always turn up to your destination relaxed and clean and tidy.  And reliability is important too so puncture protected tires and a special powder finish on the paintwork that helps stop rust and scratches can put your mind at ease.

Hand built and sustainable bicycle production

At Velorbis we take pride in the quality of what we deliver.  All our bikes are designed in Denmark and produced locally in Germany where the frames are hand soldered by true craftsman.  The end result is a strong but very stylish bike that has a particular vintage charm about it – perfect for navigating the city streets.  Its durability and quality means that it can last up to 3 times the lifespan of a cheaper mass produced bike, thus reducing landfill and waste.  At the same time the much shorter transportation distances means our bikes have a much better carbon footprint than those made in the Far East meaning you can ride your bike with a clean conscience too!