Gents Short John Cargo Bike

For most of us, our bikes are a means to getting us to work, to meet friends or maybe for weekend rides into the countryside.  There are those however who need their bikes actually for work – either to transport tools or equipment from location to location or perhaps to delivery goods to customers.  For the very best in stylish delivery bikes, look no further than Velorbis!  Sturdy, reliable, comfortable and oh so cool – our men’s courier bikes, with their distinctive Scandinavian retro style, are simply the best in town.

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Danes love cycling and always have.  For decades, Copenhagen in particular has seen local businesses use stylish courier bikes as part of their everyday delivery service, ensuring everything from bread and flowers to take-aways and parcels arrive on time and safely.  The Velorbis Short John is a luxurious update of this traditional bike using the best in modern innovation applied to sturdy hand-made frames without losing the retro charm.


Unlike most manufacturers, Velorbis makes each bike to order.  This offers you the unique opportunity to specify everything to suit your very own needs.  Combine different handlebars, front forks, chain guards and saddles in a way that works best for you.  And then – maybe the most fun! – you have a choice of over 200 colours, including eye-catching metallics, so you can for sure find a shade that works with your company branding or that matches your personal taste exactly.  Logo signs can also be attached making your bike an eye-catching mobile bill board too – after all, advertising works!



When it comes to transportation, we have a wide variety of luggage racks, baskets and trays that will suit your business needs – whether you are carrying camera equipment, carpenters tools, pizzas or fresh flowers.  The bike was originally developed for industrial use so it’s extra strong with a load capacity of up to 100kg so you can really load up your cycle and be more efficient.

If you are out on your bike all day, comfort is essential.  Our Short John is ergonomically designed with extra long 30cm handlebars to ensure a perfect riding position.  And if you need an extra little bit of help, there is the option of mounting an electric motor on your bike so you can speed to your next appointment or delivery point with ease.


Seeing deliveries or even yourself arrive on a Velorbis bike sends out a good message.  Customers know that you are environmentally responsible and that you favour quality and style.  Our bikes are all hand made using traditional sleeve-assembly methods in Germany.  This means we have a close relationship with our factories and so can ensure that everything is done properly and with respect to craftsmanship.  Having local production also means that our bikes are not transported half way across the world, saving on harmful CO2 emissions.  At the same time, the very high quality of our frames not only means that your delivery bike is dependable in all weather but also that it lasts up to 15 years – way longer than cheap mass produced bikes.

Use our Design Your Bike tool to create something just right for you.  And if you need any help, just give us a call!