Electric Citybikes

Sure, a bike gets you from A to B, whether it’s your daily commute or just out and about visiting friends or shopping.  But a bike is also a symbol of freedom, sustainability and healthy living AND, if you are a Velorbis ebike owner, it’s a great indication of good style and luxury too!  Our much admired city ebikes – the Arrow Classic and Arrow Sport – are perfect for urban life.  They have classic good looks, great Scandinavian design and the very best in technology.  Add an electric motor and they become the perfect answer to modern city transport: no more crowded buses or trains, no traffic jams, just the joy of arriving at your destination with ease, comfort and a lot of style.

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Design your own city ebike!

Looking good makes you feel better about yourself as we busy ourselves through the day.  A bike is like part of your wardrobe – it makes a statement about who you are and about your own sense of style.  Do you have a picture of what your dream ebike would look like?  Then let Velorbis help you realise that dream!  Here you can design virtually every element, starting with the frame, then the colour (we have over 200 to choose from!) and finally all the accessories, from saddle and handlebars to chain guards and lights.  Use our online function to build something that suits you and your lifestyle and let us do the rest – you’ll usually get it within 4 to 6 weeks.

Form and Function

It’s pretty obvious that our ebikes are designed in Denmark – they combine both stylish good looks and great functionality.  A city ebike of course needs to look great but it’s also vital that it’s reliable, durable and comfortable.  Our popular Arrow ebikes appeal to those who favour exclusive design but also appreciate quality and craftsmanship and don’t want to spend too much time and money on maintenance.  The ebikes feature internal gears that are integrated in the hub.  This protects them from the weather (we’re Danish – we know all about bad weather!).  Same with the chain guard – it protects the chain from the elements but also means you are free to wear what you want and not get oil on your clothes or your trousers caught up.  The tyres have puncture protection so you don’t have to worry too much about flats and the frame has a powder coating that guards against scratches and rust.  Most practical of all, the ebike is light enough that you can easily carry it up stairs to your apartment or lift it onto a train.  It’s truly the ultimate urban cycle!

Great design with respect for the environment

With its classic Scandi design and superb quality, the Velorbis city ebikes have quickly achieved cult status but they are pretty green too!  Hand crafted in Germany, the frames are soldered together giving a strong structure and an almost vintage appearance.  Its durability gives the ebikes a much longer lifespan which means they don’t end up as landfill after a few years like cheaper bikes.  We avoid unnecessary use of plastic and because we keep things local and only produce within Europe, we avoid long transportation and the resultant bad carbon footprint.  And of course, cycling round the city rather than taking the car already makes you environmentally smarter!