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Design your dream delivery bike

As with all Velorbis cycles, the courier bike is custom made for every individual order.  The ability to specify everything from frame, fenders and handles to chain guard, saddle and front fork means that it can be completely designed to fit your own needs. And of course, for a delivery bike, the wide choice of baskets, luggage racks and holders is particularly useful!  Choose from over 200 different colours so the bike can match your company branding and have your logo printed on built-in boards and signs.  And if you want to give the delivery boy or girl a bit of a helping hand, there is always the possibility of adding an electric motor to give them an extra bit of power as they pedal.

It’s important to look after yourself (or your staff) so make sure you are sitting comfortably with our ergonomically designed bike frames.  The extra long 30cm handlebar stem on the courier bikes allows a great riding position to spend many hours in the saddle without back or shoulder ache.  And keep things tidy too: the integrated chain and wheel guards protect clothes from puddles, oil and mud.

Heavy Duty Cargo Bikes

Our very popular ‘Short John’ courier bike is like a truck on two wheels!  Originally designed and made for industrial use, it has a load capacity of up to 100g and so is perfect for carrying anything from craftsmen’s tools and photographers equipment to pizzas and parcels.  It comes with many different add-on options including a panel on which we can print your company logo making your bike a mobile billboard as you zoom around the city streets.  Give us a call and we can talk about making the Short John just right for you!

Danish Design, German Quality Cargo Cycles

Delivering goods or turning up for a job on a bike already gives positive vibes that you care about the environment but with Velorbis you can also rest assured that your bike hasn’t got a bad carbon footprint having been transported across the world.  We believe in keeping things local so all our bikes are hand assembled in factories in Germany by expert craftsmen with years of experience rather than mass produced in the Far East.  Each steel frame is a masterclass in German quality, hand-made by traditional methods that produce a bike that has a life span of up to 15 years (unlike cheap cycles which last a mere 4 or 5).  Quality, style and reliability – just the message you want to give out about your own business.

Get inspired and build your own exclusive courier bike now!