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Ride the city in your own style

Do you have an idea what your perfect bike is? Velorbis gives you the chance to realise that dream. As every bike is made to order, you have the opportunity to specify everything so it matches your own sense of personal style, right down to the smallest detail. Start by choosing your favourite frame, then combine with whatever tires, handlebars, saddle and chain guard you fancy. Finally choose from over 200 colours to make your bike the perfect city accessory!

Use our easy Design Your Bike feature on this site to be creative and come up with something that is just right for you. For our part, we guarantee the best quality and craftsmanship and will do our best to get your bike to you within 4 to 6 weeks. Just give us a call if you have any questions!

Exclusive, stylish and practical bicycle design

Every urbanite wants their bike to look stylish but its important that it functions well. Our Arrow bikes are great for those looking for the perfect combination of beautiful Danish design, durability and comfort but reliability is a must too – you don’t want to be late for that meeting because your bike has a problem! Our Arrow bikes are all equipped with internal gears which are integrated into the hub protecting the mechanism from the effects of bad weather. The chain guard too is a useful feature for city riding as it stops your trousers getting caught in the chain and prevents oil stains on your work suit. Both tires have puncture protection and an exclusive powder coating on the paintwork helps prevent rust and chips. With all this in place, you can be sure you will turn up for work or a dinner date on time, looking good and without stress.

Iconic cycle design with respect for the environment

Velorbis bikes are designed in Denmark (with a bit of help from you!) and produced locally within Europe’s borders. This means that we have great control over the whole process. We work with the best factories in Germany where traditional soldering methods are still used to produce frames of the very best quality, strength and durability. Combined with other superlative elements such as Schwalbe tires and Brooks leather saddles, the end result is a bike of extraordinary style and craftsmanship – both important for today’s urban cyclist.

Another advantage of top quality local production is that we avoid long distance transportation which significantly reduces a bike’s carbon footprint. Cycling itself is an environmentally responsible thing to do but having a bike that lasts up to 15 years due to its strength and durability, rather than a cheap bike that ends up as land fill, is another reason to pat yourself on the back.