We delivered a fleet of cargo bikes just like this beauty to Skanska. Not only can their employees now commute around building sites and office locations, but they also get happy, healthy, and motivated people and as icing on the cake, Skanska gets brand visibility and good vibes from everyone who sees the bikes in motion. Do you own or work for a bar, cafe, restaurant, lifestyle brand, consumer product brand, work in a lawfirm, bank, real estate business or run a hair salon, barbershop etc etc then we have a logo bike for you. You can design your cycle from 32 different bicycle models and select frame, fork, mudguards, chain guard, front & rear carrier and basket in a whopping 200+ different colours. Hereafter you simply customize accessories from a selection of @brooksengland leather saddles and Velorbis leather grips and mudflaps. You can select many different tire colours, add lights, and add an electric drive system to your designer bike. Advertising plates with your printed company logo are available for all models. And the best part – there is no minimum order quantities. we produce and ship your order within 4-6 weeks. All bicycles are handmade in Germany. No stock, no waste, no plastic, local production, recyclable, durable, and long-lasting. We mean it when we say – sustainable mobility.