Australia likes Velorbis’ family friendly transport solution

KidStyleFile, Australia’s first and best resource dedicated to finding beautiful premium children’s products, has spotted the Velorbis Mobii trikeand immediately seen its benefits for safe (and fun) family friendly transportation.

As the KidStyleFile article mentions, in Denmark it’s not unusual for a person to go through life without ever possessing a car, such is the strength and popularity of its design heritage and cycling culture. A tricycle is a great investment that in the long-term pays for itself and eliminates the need for fuel. According to KidStyleFile, Velorbis Mobii is “perfect for families” – those who are serious about adopting a green lifestyle.

Australia is famous for its healthy citizens and outdoor lifestyle. It’s no surprise that the chic and healthy influence from Copenhagen cycling culture, and great Danish design, is being adopted country-wide.

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