Hot Copenhagen cycling culture in the Big Apple



We came across another great piece illustrating the impeccable influence of Copenhagen cycling culture worldwide. This time in the Big Apple – NYC.

In the Streetsblog New York article by Sarah Goodyear – Copenhagen Cycle Ambassador Says Bikes Are Hot” – our friend and cycling ambassador from Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize streetstyle blogs, Mikael Colville-Andersen talks about how bicycles need to be promoted in a mainstream way not just for particular sub-cultures or a lycra clad few. 

Apparently in Copenhagen 37% of commuters use bikes, and 55% of trips are made on two wheels.
Colville-Andersen points out that people on bikes in Copenhagen “are not ‘cyclists’ — they’re people. On bikes.”

We’d like to interject the word ‘stylish’ into that sentence.
Velorbis is dedicated to supporting and equipping stylish people on bikes. 

Read more interesting facts in the Streetsblog New York article, such as how Denmark’s long-term visionary urban planning has created a cycling oasis that makes people feel safe on their bicycles. This type of infrastructure and culture would be amazing in a vibrant, fashion-forward city such as New York. Hopefully it’s around the corner.